Day Four of the Chronicle:

Interlude: a brief return to the present…

Well-meaning people (those whom I have come to trust) will often drop a name or contact – someone for me to check out, someone who might have comparable experiences.  Today I went online to track one down.  Big site, lots of followers, books written, webinars offered, retreats at $2500 a pop, a forum charging $120 a month just for a few freebies and a place to connect with people with similar interests or stories, and of course direct contact with the guru herself.  I wander around on the site, the links, the FB page which seems to be non-stop promotion of this, that and the other. 

Then I take note of a tangent link to someone else, and this someone calls herself an empath.  She charges nothing and did a remote reading on the aforementioned guru, and calls her ‘bad news.’  So I read up on this empath’s story, and come upon another name invoked as the genuine thing.  I google the name and start reading about Theta Healing, and then a well-publicized conviction for fraud.

Oh hell, here we go again.  I’ve had one face to face contact with a guru.  That experience will be described in detail later on.  Upshot was this: not a chance.  I’m not the follower type.  And this brief survey online simply reaffirms my sense of the confused quagmire out there, this Industry of Spiritualism.  Are there genuine participants out there?  I’m sure there are.  But to argue for the need for universal consciousness-raising among all of humanity makes the subsequent request for money suspect: as if the desire for peace, love and (in some form or other) salvation for humankind, requires a membership fee and card. 

I can somewhat appreciate the freebies not because I’m cheap – I can afford the other stuff no problem – but because at least there I can get a sense of sincerity, a less suspect motive (unless, of course, said generous soul is simply harvesting the hopes and aspirations of other people, but I would think that anyone doing that would be sure attach a price-tag, since why bother feeding on wounded souls without material gain?).

But I guess for most, money can’t help but be part of the equation.  With reason to be sure.  There’s the argument about people not taking something seriously unless they pay for it.  Yeah, I get that.  Sort of.  And, of course, we all need to make a living, right?  Or at least make enough to pay for expenses in time and effort and material, etc.  So how can one begrudge the ask. 

I don’t begrudge it.  I distrust it.  After all, isn’t universal ascension to a higher form of human consciousness its own reward?  In other words, ask for it, pray for it, meditate on it, encourage it, describe one’s own experiences in the name of inspiration and a sense of community, celebrate its possibility, all that – but don’t tell me I need to pay to be a member of the club.  Even the Catholic Church did away with indulges and the gold Amex path to heaven, for crying out loud.

And if you’re looking for anything similar from this chronicle, let’s get it out of the way here and now.  Here’s my sage advice on how to live: be nice to people.  Thus ends my ideological exhortation.

So please do take note: send me no links and make me no offers.  By all means share your experiences if there’s common ground to what you’re reading here.  Cogitate, theorize, argue, discuss, I’m on board for all that.  But gurus beware: I’m not buying.*

Have I paid for advice given to me?  I have.  With respect to my Kundalini experience, I have paid four people for help and advice.  One of them stepped forward and helped for some time before I insisted on paying for his time and effort.  One did a one-off ritual on my behalf and asked for nothing more.  One gave (and gives) me acupuncture treatments, a direct service.  And one initially offered advice for free and then offered to step out of retirement as a teacher of Chi Gon and Tai Chi, and now teaches me both in one-to-one sessions once a week, and I pay for that guidance.

I lucked out.  Got good people around me.  Collectively, they saved my skin and each one has gone about it with integrity.   

So here’s my take on this in a nutshell.  If universal consciousness is about to rise to something blissful/wonderful/magical, and you feel as if you’re already on that path, by all means send out the invite for others and celebrate what you’ve already achieved.  And if you simply want to follow, follow.  Find your inspiration, your hope, the possibility of your fervent wishes to come true.  But know this: no-one can buy you a ticket for the ride.  It just doesn’t work like that.  The spiritual needs no intermediaries.  When it wants to talk to you, it will.

What about mediums?  What about ‘delivering the message to humankind’ via this person, that person?  Well, I’ve looked into that.  I have even, years ago, been in conversation with an ‘entity’ via a friend who did automatic-writing, and it was fascinating.  So I’m not being dismissive of the phenomenon.  But I do have some questions for all those entities…

  1. How well has it worked so far, this use of mortal intermediaries?  Has the world of humanity taken you seriously?  Have the majority of people enthusiastically climbed on board in a relieved rush now that salvation is at hand?  If these questions sound facetious, I don’t mean them that way.  These are genuine questions.
  2. If it’s all about the freedom to choose, for each and every soul, do you not understand that the better option to using mediums would be a universal declaration identifying yourselves to everyone, to then present your position? At this point everyone, being informed of the situation, is free to choose and guide their life accordingly.
  3. If it’s about judgement, about karmic balances redressed with a day arriving at which time the litany of individual black marks is tallied up against the gold stars, then would not a universal announcement to everybody be the proper thing to do, assuming you want us all to behave better? Granted, churches used to do that, but let’s face it, their own efficacy kind of sucked, given how quickly the admin side of things got corrupted and obsessed with control. In other words, you keep dealing out a tainted deck, then wagging your finger when we lose track of the rules of the game.  Is this really how it is?  Or does it just look that way?
  4. If you’re all out there, poised to make contact and thereby uplift all of humanity, how much confusion and disenfranchisement do you really need to witness before you act? How much misery, suffering and environmental degradation do we need to experience before you get off your duffs?
  5. If you have made contact, via various officials of government, the militaries, secret cabals and sects and societies … well, I have to ask, have you all lost your minds? Your first contact is with them?  Why?  Why reaffirm the artificial and self-serving power-blocs of human civilization?  Why encourage this endless masturbatory obsession with secrecy?  Can you not see the infernal relationship between secrecy and power, between privilege and injustice?  Honestly, what the fuck were you thinking?
  6. If this is still about Free Will, I still have a problem here. The argument can be made that we inherently possess a moral core, a sense of ethics (barring sociopaths, of course).  But ethics are founded on a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, and that is value-based and culturally relative in its manifestation.  For example, a person considers himself to be a good person, an ethical person.  He has worked hard and achieved a comfortable living for himself and his family.  He has been a loving husband and a loving father.  He is also a man working within a capitalist system, which is either amoral or immoral in its basic tenets of inequality and its arbitrary definition of wealth as being strictly material in nature.  In his job, under perfectly legal rules of commerce, he has made other people destitute; he has brought suffering to many and left others in abject poverty.  He has capitalized on their lack of acumen, their tardiness, their weaknesses, and profited thereby.  Question, is this man moral?  Ethical?  A good man?  Can morality be compartmentalized, applicable here but not there?  Capitalism is not about equality, it’s about privilege.  More specifically, it’s about buying privilege.  So, all you advising ETs out there, here’s my sixth question: If, as a result of your coyness and your unwillingness to reveal yourself and the Grand Plan to everyone, you have created a setting in which our knowledge is incomplete, then, based on that incomplete knowledge, how can we be held accountable to having made wrong or bad choices in our lives?  Our moral, good man, our proper provider, is trapped in an economic system that creates victims, that enforces a hierarchy of privilege and power, that engenders suffering for many even as it rewards others.  But he loves his children, he loves his wife, he goes to church every Sunday and gives to charities.  His blood-trail is once-removed, held at a distance, out of sight and therefore out of mind.  In his cultural context, he has done no wrong.  Furthermore, he is admired and respected.  But then there’s that systemic blood-trail….

 Should he have turned on and dropped out?  Joined a commune?  Should he have abandoned his family and retreated to a monastery to find himself?  Is he doomed to pay the piper come the day of judgement?

To conclude, I have my doubts.  What value confusing the message of salvation?  Free Will means nothing when we can only act from a place of ignorance.  In fact, it loses its moral context entirely.  If you’re out there, sound the trumpets.  And if there’s some kind of Prime Directive out there preventing that, well, don’t get me started on the Prime Directive and its explicit invitation to witnessing genocide (if I can pick holes in it, highlighting its core of pure evil, then sure as hell you should have done so a long time ago).

 Well, rant over.  Carry on.


* Not that a guru would ever make me a direct offer: they don’t work that way.  They get one of their acolytes to do the hard sell.  Or they don’t even need to do that: some acolytes volunteer, with shining eyes and unbridled, messianic enthusiasm.