Day Seven of the Chronicle:


A blog is being set up (this one), with the assistance of someone who does this for a living (and who insists on not charging me for her time). I’ve been doing admin stuff in preparation of taking it public. Subdividing the master document and creating sub-files for each ‘day’ of the Chronicle. When it does go public, there will be six blog posts (six days of writing on the Chronicle) right off the bat. It seems like enough of a background to ground readers so they can decide if they want to keep on reading. The first day blog may be problematic (eight months in…) but it does contain a list of definitions and that seems useful to get out of the way right at the start. Kind of a plunge into the deep end.

When I italicize sections these indicate that what I’m discussing is probably tangential to my Kundalini experience, and yet relevant nonetheless. Context is important. That said, I’m leaving gaps that are highly relevant, but filling them would likely shatter the anonymity I want for this. If I mention a project I was working on during this Awakening, I’ll avoid details. Was it connected to the Kundalini Awakening? Yes, I think so. Intimately connected. But you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Will there eventually be enough pieces of the puzzle to out me? Probably (for what that’s worth). But if someone follows those bread-crumbs and then goes public with the outing, please do bear on thing in mind: they are not motivated out of service to the public. They’re doing it for their own egos, which, let’s face it, makes them little shits, basically. My career won’t end as a consequence. A few eyebrows might be raised, but that’s about it. So, like I said: ego, a little shit’s ego.

There are parallel narratives here which will always be italicized. Musings based on my readings of this, that and the other. I’ve had to plunge into the literature of the esoteric, which I read with an open mind. Lots of terms are used therein in addition to Awakening. There’s Ascension. The Law of One references. The Source. Sekret Machines. The Cabal. All fascinating, even from where I sit tottering on the fence.

My first rant related to that (day four in the Chronicle), following some looking around online. That rant highlights some of the issues I have with the subject of Other/ET/Paranormal contact and ongoing dialogues with the same. I’m no longer prepared to reject this stuff outright (how can I?), but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the ability to discriminate.

Which leads me to a related subject I won’t elaborate on too much here (maybe later, as it deserves a whole essay), and that is the debunkers and self-avowed professional skeptics. You know the ones. They show up in the comments section of every UFO clip, every related video and discussion board. They list their scientific credentials and then let fly the invective and scorn and derision. Just a short message for those folks: yeah, I get it, but I don’t trust you either. You see, I’ve worked in a social science and saw for myself how entire careers are destroyed if findings don’t match the dogma, and guess what, there was nothing ‘scientific’ about it. Objectivity isn’t something you trot out only when it suits you. Same for the Scientific Method. There are way too many examples of evidence challenging the paradigm being discredited in an underhanded way, in a self-serving way (see the Clovis First crowd), for me to trust your self-proclaimed objectivity.

Will this blog’s comments section see its share of the naysayers? Who knows. If you don’t trust my veracity, it’s no skin off my back. But don’t waste your time with this site. Go get a life, or, to be kinder about it, go back to your life. I won’t miss you. Oh, and yes, I reserve the option to delete your comments and block you.

But if you have thoughts to share, similar experiences to relate, then please do comment; I’ll do my best to interact with each and every one of you (I’m expecting the readership for this blog to be modest, as I have nothing revelatory to say: I am simply recounting this experience as it plays out).